How To Change Ownership Of A Tesla

If you have bought a used Tesla you might be wondering how to transfer ownership.

The first thing to understand is that changing ownership of a Tesla is mostly the same as it is with any other vehicle. It is just the access to the car via the app that is different.

Of course, this is quite a big difference because this controls many of the functions of the car and is something you definitely want to do ASAP.

Where Did You Buy Your Used Tesla?

Depending on where you bought your used Tesla, this process can be simple or more time-consuming.

Tesla sells used vehicles themselves and takes care of all these details for you. All that you will need to do is get them to add the Tesla vehicle to your Tesla App on your mobile.

It might also be similar if you buy it via a dealer, as they likely know what they are doing.

Although they show you how to do this on the Tesla website, let us show you how below.

Transfering A Privately Purchased Tesla

However, if you buy a used Tesla privately, the following are things you or the previous owner want to do to transfer ownership on the Tesla App and claim ownership of the vehicle.

The previous owner will want to

  1. Remove all of their account information and data via a Factory Reset
  2. Remove the Tesla vehicle from the Tesla App

The new owner will want to

  1. Create a Tesla Account
  2. Download the Tesla App (Apple / Google Play)
  3. Login to your Tesla Account on the App
  4. On the dashboard scroll down to “Purchased a car from a third-party?” and click
  5. Select Add
  6. Fill out the form and submit the required ownership documents

Note: Depending on the state of the vehicle’s ownership with Tesla it could be transferred immediately or the transfer process can take some time.

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