How to Open Tesla Glovebox

The glove box on all Tesla models is located on the passenger side of all Tesla vehicles as you would expect.

However, there is no handle or button on the front to open it. Except on the Model S, of course! (More on that below).

In order to open the glove box on any model Tesla you must use the screen. The steps are as follows:

  1. Click on the Car icon on the bottom left
  2. On the bottom left of the screen click on Glovebox button
  3. You will be prompted for a PIN if this feature is enabled

The glove box will then open and the light will come on automatically.

Below are some images to show you these steps.

*** Note: Since the new Tesla interface update in late 2021 – the Open Glovebox button is now located under Controls

Car Icon on the Tesla screen
1. Select the Car Icon
Quick Controls for glovebox opening on a Tesla
2. Click on the Glovebox Button

How to Open Tesla Glovebox On A Model S

The Model S has a physical button to open the glovebox, as well as the on-screen option detailed above.

The glovebox button is located between the screen and the glovebox and can be seen below. This enables you to manually open your Tesla glove box.

Open Glovebox button on a Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S Glovebox Button – Between the screen and the glovebox

How To Enable A PIN On The Tesla Glovebox

By default, the glovebox on a Tesla does not have any PIN protection. However, if you plan on storing anything of value in there, it would be wise to add one.

Of course, if a thief really wants to get into the glovebox they will, eventually. But slowing them down is always a great way to stop them from taking something.

If you want to enable the PIN feature on your Tesla glovebox here are the steps

  1. Click on the Car icon to show the vehicle settings
  2. Selection Safety & Security
  3. Scroll down and select Glovebox PIN
  4. You will be prompted to create a PIN number

Once the PIN is created for the glovebox, you will be required to use it to open the glovebox each time you press the glovebox button.

Forgotten Your Glovebox PIN?

If you forget your glovebox PIN you should open the glovebox as normal and under the PIN number pad is a Forgotten PIN link. Press that link and it will ask you to enter your Tesla login credentials to reset the PIN.

How to lock Tesla Glove Box?

Every time you close your Tesla glove box it will lock, if you have activated the PIN code. So, to lock a Tesla glove box, you don’t have to do anything!

Hertz Tesla Glovebox PIN

Hertz, or any other Tesla rental, obviously does not publicize the PIN to a specific Tesla, so you will have to contact them directly to get it.

However, for more info on how to use your Hertz Tesla try their handy Tesla FAQ.

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