Why Are Teslas so Expensive?

If you are shopping for an electric vehicle, you might have noticed that Tesla cars are one of the most expensive electric cars on the market. So much so that many people even give their electric cars a name! At first glance, this might not seem to make sense. Especially when you realise their goal … Read more

Is Tesla Roadside Assistance Free?

Tesla Roadside Assistance is a great service to have when things go wrong. From a simple lockout or flat tire to an issue with the vehicle under warranty, Tesla has your back with their Roadside Assitance service. However, many people often wonder whether they have to pay anything for Tesla Roadside Assistance? Here is the … Read more

Tesla Cabin Overheat Protection

Tesla has a good habit of including features such as some you always wanted and others you never knew you needed. From the likes of Dog Mode, Camp Mode and Karaoke, you never know what upgrades and features your Tesla Model 3 will wake up with next. One issue we all have is our Tesla … Read more

How to Precondition A Tesla Battery

Just like how your old gas-powered engine ran better warm, so too does a Tesla. But in this case, things are a little different. Preconditioning is something you need to be aware of in order to make the most of your new Tesla vehicle and the following are the most common questions on this topic. … Read more

Does Tesla Deliver To Your Home?

tesla delivery center

When it comes time to take delivery of your new Tesla you might be wondering how you are going to get it. Should you take some time off work and pick it up at the Tesla Service Center? Or maybe you would like Tesla to deliver it to your home. Just like your Amazon deliveries! … Read more

Does Tesla Give Out Loaner Cars?

Getting a loaner car is always a complicated issue when you have to get your vehicle repaired under warranty, after an accident, or just because something broke. And getting a loaner car from Tesla is something a lot of you are wondering about. So, does Tesla give loaner cars? Yes, in many cases, loaner cars … Read more

Can You Negotiate A Tesla Price?

tesla change owner

Buying a new car is expensive. And when you are talking about premium electric vehicles like a Tesla then you know it is not going to be cheap (there are lots of reasons why). So, if you have ever bought a new or even used car before, you know the price is always negotiable. Or … Read more

How Often Do You Need to Charge a Tesla?

how often charge tesla

Ahhhh, charging your Tesla! One of the most confusing things for new Tesla owners. Don’t sweat it though, charging your Tesla is way easier than going to the gas station every week. And you won’t have to spend much time on it unless you go on a big road trip. However, many of you might … Read more

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