How To Adjust The Model Y Headrests

If you have a Tesla Model Y and are struggling to figure out how to adjust the headrests, this is the post for you. Starting at the front of the vehicle, and working our way to the back, let’s take a look at how to adjust all the headrests. Front Seat Headrests Unfortunately, the front … Read more

Model Y & Model 3 Acceleration Boost

Tesla offers some amazing features on all of its vehicles, many of which can be unlocked with a simple software upgrade. One such feature is Tesla’s Acceleration Boost! But what exactly is it? Tesla’s Acceleration Boost for Model Y and Model 3 is a software upgrade that increases the acceleration of the Model Y Long … Read more

Model 3 Roof Racks & Cargo Boxes

Tesla model 3

Everyone wants to carry more. Maybe you are going on vacation with your Model 3, or maybe you just want to add a cargo box or surfboard on top of your electric car. Either way, you will want to be adding a roof rack to your Tesla right away. And then maybe consider some special … Read more

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