Tesla Model 3 & Y – Tow Hook

If you have a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y and are wondering where your tow hook is, you have come to the right place.

Getting to the tow eye / tow hook on either Tesla model can be a little tricky if you don’t know how. That is why I have included the simple instructions below.

Where Is The Tow Hook On The Tesla Model 3/Model Y?

There are two hooks on the Model Y and Model 3. One on the front right (looking from the front) and one on the back right (looking from the back).

They are both accessed by levering off the cover and adding the tow hook by screwing it in.

Front Tow Hook

The Model Y and Model 3 front tow hook is located on the right as you look at the vehicle. In order to two the vehicle from the front you must complete the following three steps

  1. Remove the tow hook cover by pushing on the top right and pulling from the top left
  2. Remove the tow hook from under the frunk carpet
  3. Screw in the tow hook – counter-clockwise

Below are some images from the Tesla owner’s manual showing these three steps

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y - Front Tow Hook Cover
Front Tow Hook Cover Removal – Push on top right, lever on bottom left
Tesla Model 3 and Model Y - Front Tow Hook Location
The Tow Hook is at the bottom of the frunk – covered in a small carpet
Tesla Model 3 and Model Y - Front Tow Hook Attachment
Screw in the Tow Hook Anti-Clockwise – ie. opposite to normal screws or bolts

Extra tips

It can sometimes be difficult to remove the tow hook cover. Pushing on the top right initiates the release, however, some people find the bottom left still sticks. If this is the case for you take a screwdriver and wind some tape around it to protect the paint (or using something similar in plastic). Lever the cover off while pushing on the top right.

Screwing the tow hook in – remember it is anti-clockwise, that is, in the opposite direction to what is normally the case for screwing a screw in.

Rear Tow Hook

The process for attaching the rear tow hook is the same as the front one above. Just the location differs.

The rear tow hook is also located under a cover on the rear bottom right (when looking from the back). It is levered off by pushing on the top right and pulling (or levering) from the bottom left.

Attention (According to the manual): “Vehicles equipped with a hitch receiver cannot be pulled from the rear tow eye. Use the tow bar or hitch receiver only to pull the vehicle to a safe location, such as onto a flatbed truck. Do not transport the vehicle with wheels on the ground.”

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y - Rear Tow Hook Cover

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