Model Y & Model 3 Acceleration Boost

Tesla offers some amazing features on all of its vehicles, many of which can be unlocked with a simple software upgrade.

One such feature is Tesla’s Acceleration Boost!

But what exactly is it?

Tesla’s Acceleration Boost for Model Y and Model 3 is a software upgrade that increases the acceleration of the Model Y Long Range AWD model. It reduces the 0-60 time from 4.8 to 4.2 seconds and costs $2,000.

So, in essence, you now have two acceleration modes at your fingertips!

How To Buy The Model Y Acceleration Upgrade?

If you decide to purchase the Acceleration Boost upgrade you can simply buy it via the Tesla App, where you can upgrade instantly. Of course, you need $2000 in your account or credit card ready to go!

You will also require the software version 2020.36 or above in your Model Y, but at this stage, it is likely already installed. It is worth checking though.

This Tesla upgrade can be added to your vehicle via a software upgrade and without visiting a service center.

Tesla Model Y Acceleration upgrade

Does The Acceleration Boost Affect Range?

The Model Y Acceleration upgrade does not affect your Tesla’s range under normal circumstances. However, if you choose to hit the accelerator hard, your range will decrease more than normal. This also happens when you floor Tesla vehicles in general, even the latest Model S Plaid.

It is a little similar to driving an ICE / Gas Powered vehicle. If you are driving conservatively, then your tank of gas goes further. If you accelerate hard all the time, it will not goes as far!

Boost in Action

Two Tesla owners have actually compared these vehicles to show what a difference this upgrade can impart on the vehicle, by having a little drag race on a race track.

The Model 3 also has an acceleration boost

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