Tesla Model S & X – 12V Outlet

Looking for the 12V outlet on your Tesla Model S. It’s easier to find than you think.

Where is the 12V outlet on the Tesla Model S & X?

The 12V outlet on the Tesla Model S and Model X is in the center console. It is on the back wall of the open part of the console facing forward.

You can see it in the image below from the Tesla Owner’s manual.

Tesla Model S and Model X 12V outlet
Model S & X Center Console 12V Outlet

Other 12V Sources

Some people wish to source a permanent 12V supply for security cameras or a dashcam. If this is the case for you, another 12V supply is a better option. Both for proximity to the dash, and because the center console 12V outlet does not run permanently when the car is turned off (I have seen video tests where it runs for minutes only).

There is a detailed article on Teslarati on how to connect to the OBD-II plug, which is the cleanest option, especially if you are not experienced with car electrics.

The other option is to find an unswitched (permanently on) 12V source in the car and tap into that. There are a few options mentioned in the article above such as

  • Behind the rearview mirror (2013 or before Model S)
  • Inside the glovebox (lighting wiring is always on)
  • Via the 12V battery

However, for me, the OBD-II source is the best. And although you need to find the right connectors to do it, it is possible and quite simple in comparison to the other options.

If you find other alternatives, be sure to leave a comment.

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  1. There is another 12 V outlet in the cubbyhole on the right side of the trunk in the ’22 Model X. It doesn’t appear in the Owners Manual (or snywhere on-line).


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