Screen Clean Mode (Quite Handy!)

if you have ever wondered what Tesla Screen Clean Mode is. Or, perhaps you have wished you could clean your screen more easily in your Model Y or Model S. Then this mode is just for you. Screen Clean Mode was designed by Tesla to help electric vehicle owners clean their touch screens with ease. … Read more

Is Tesla Roadside Assistance Free?

Tesla Roadside Assistance is a great service to have when things go wrong. From a simple lockout or flat tire to an issue with the vehicle under warranty, Tesla has your back with their Roadside Assitance service. However, many people often wonder whether they have to pay anything for Tesla Roadside Assistance? Here is the … Read more

Why Do Tesla Owners Tap The Charger?

This is either one of those urban myths or a misunderstood question. So, in this post I will answer both. The Urban Myth Many people incorrectly believe that tapping the charger on the rear tail light will help with charging speed or connectivity. There seems to be a myth that this will help with “aligning … Read more

Tesla Autopark Feature: All You Need To Know

Tesla is forever improving their vehicles and one timely update they have made is the Tesla Autopark feature. This feature enables Tesla owners to park their vehicles more easily and safely by using the autonomous features of the vehicle. Let’s dive in and find out more about auto park below. How does Tesla’s Autopark feature … Read more

Tesla Destination Charger Vs Supercharger

If you own a Tesla and are looking for a place to charge your new electric vehicle then both Destination Chargers and Superchargers are probably on your radar. Tesla has been vigorously expanding their charging network of both of these kinds of chargers for years now and it certainly provides you with a lot of … Read more

Elon Musk’s Donations to Charity

If billionaires made a one-time donation of $6 billion,  could the problem of worldwide hunger be solved? The claim by the United Nations World Food Program that it could, prompted a “Twitter fight” between the agency and investor and entrepreneur Elon Musk, who with an estimated net worth of $221 billion, is the richest person … Read more

Tesla Cabin Overheat Protection

Tesla has a good habit of including features such as some you always wanted and others you never knew you needed. From the likes of Dog Mode, Camp Mode and Caroake, you never know what upgrades and features you car will wake up with next. One issue we all have is our Tesla vehicle getting … Read more

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