Tesla Employee Discounts & Benefits

Working for Tesla is in many ways like no other car or tech company in the world. Not only are you working to achieve a mission that drives you every day, you also get to see the fruits of your labor all around you.

On top of this, employees get stock options which have made many an employee a millionaire in the past.

However, many people wonder what discounts employees get on cars and other Tesla gear.

Do Tesla Employees Get Discounts?

Tesla Motors does not publish this information, so it is difficult to be 100% sure.

According to many former employees, Tesla does not offer employees discounts on a Tesla car.

This is not surprising given that Tesla is a direct to the public model with no discounting, not even for big rental car companies like Hertz (who recently ordered 100,000 cars) which Musk stated on Twitter.

They do however get a Tesla employee discount on Tesla merchandise and other less expensive items. Some people have claimed that up to 35% is available on some items, although this is hard to verify.

Stock Discounts

Tesla employees get a discount on stocks under a so-called ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan). The rules of the plan are such that they can buy stocks at the lowest price of the First Day or Last Day of a given 6 month period, minus 15%.

The Tesla ESPP periods run September-February and March-August.

Employees are limited to 15% of their total salary.

What Benefits Do Tesla Employees Get?

Tesla is a very generous employer and is always looking to improve the working conditions and benefits for their employees.

Tesla employee benefits include:

  • Great base health insurance
  • Vision and dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance (short & long term)
  • Accident insurance
  • Maternity & paternity leave
  • Employee Assistance (for various personal issues)
  • Retirement savings plan & medical
  • Stock options

All in all, Tesla aims to have the majority of issues covered that you would expect and appreciate from a great employer. Musk even mentioned adding child care facilities to Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin recently, although that is yet to be confirmed!

Do Employees Get a Company Car

Tesla does not provide company cars for their employees. They have to buy a Tesla at full price just like everyone else.

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