Can You Update A Tesla Without Wifi?

Wondering if you can update your Tesla without access to wifi?

Ever been notified on the Tesla App that you have a Tesla software update?

In general, you need wifi access to perform any Over The Air Tesla software updates. This is because the updates are often large and can take time to download.

Most Teslas only have access to data via wifi, unless you have purchased Premium Connectivity.

This means that you need to have a wifi connection to update your Tesla. But what if your wifi is too weak, too slow, or does not reach your car where it is parked?

Extending Your Wifi

The best option is to fix your wifi at home so that it can reach your Tesla vehicle. First, be aware that the Tesla antenna is usually in the driver’s side mirror. So, be sure that that is facing the wifi.

If you cannot move your car closer, then the next best option is to use a wifi extender to boost your wifi signal.

Where should you add the wifi extender / booster for a better WiFi signal?

  • In your garage (if possible)
  • In the room closest to your Tesla model

Other Wifi Options For Tesla Updates

The most obvious thing you can do is find fast wifi and park there until the update is downloaded. This could be anywhere including:

  • A local store or coffee shop
  • A friend or family member’s house
  • Your work
  • A Tesla Service Center
  • Your phone hotspot

Most OTA updates are not that large and can actually be done in minutes on a fast connection. However, occasionally when a map update is downloading, it can take hours. Keep this in mind and check the size of the update before committing to a location.

Using Your Phone As A Hotspot

Another option if you are on the move or unable to find decent wifi around you is to use your phone as a hotspot and connect to it via your Tesla wifi.

Just keep in mind that if it is a large update you want to be sure your data plan will be enough.

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