How to Put A Tesla in Neutral

As a new Tesla driver, figuring out how to place your Telsa Model 3, Model Y or any other Tesla model in Neutral might seem to be a bit of a mystery! After all, it is an electric car without a standard gear shift.

Maybe you are standing right now in the line for an automatic car wash, and need to know this ASAP! After all, putting your car in neutral, enabling it to roll freely is a must.

Well, good news! It’s pretty easy. And, once you get the knack of it, it is not so difficult.

Here is how to place your Tesla in Neutral

  1. Firmly depress the brake pedal
  2. Move the gear stalk halfway (up or down)

Note: the direction you move the gear stalk/lever depends on if you are in Drive or Reverse. Neutral is in between the two and requires a softer push in the opposite direction.

Tesla Model S (older version) gear stalk

Model S & Model X 2021 or Later

As you may know, there is no gear shifter on a new Model S or Model X. In order to get such a Tesla Model into neutral you have to use the screen.

  • Tap the car icon
  • Go to Controls
  • Tap and hold the Neutral button

Tesla’s Transport Mode (Tow Mode)

Tow Mode is specifically designed to help transport companies tow or transport your Tesla vehicle.

It basically keeps the parking brake disabled so that the vehicle can more easily be moved.

To activate this Mode:

  • Tap Controls
  • Go To Service then Towing
  • Tap on Transport Mode button

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