Tesla Acceleration: 0-60 For All Models

tesla model s plaid

Tesla cars are fast! Unless you put them in Chill Mode, of course. In fact, the fastest production car on the road right now is the Model S Plaid. Which was released in mid-2021. The Model S Plaid has a 0-60 time of just under 2 seconds! 1.98 seconds to be exact. (although that is … Read more

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Tesla Model S – Panoramic Sunroof

model s panoramic sunroof

Tesla added the option for the Panoramic Sunroof on the Model S back in 2012. This sunroof uses two pieces of glass. One that stays in place at the rear, and one that lifts and slides back at the front. When the Panoramic Sunroof opens on your Model S there is also a windbreaker at … Read more

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