Model 3 – 12V Power Socket Location

If you own a Model 3 and wish to use a standard 12V outlet (aka the cigarette lighter socket) to power any form of accessory – you might be wondering where it is.

Tesla has for some strange reason decided to provide a 12V outlet inside the center console, under the armrest. The power socket (or Model 3 cigarette port, as it is sometimes called) has a peak current of 16A.

Tesla MOdel 3- 12V socket location
Tesla Model 3 – 12V Power Outlet in Center Console

Using The 12V Power Socket

Firstly, be aware that Tesla cars only provide power to this outlet when the vehicle is considered to be “awake”.

Also, the strange location of the outlet means that if you wish to run a wire to something in the front of the car, it is quite a painful experience.

Sure, there are 4 USB ports in the front of the car in total (2 front USB ports, and two USB ports with the 12V socket). But some people want access to 12V power upfront, all the time.

If you want to see some of the solutions some people have used you can check out this forum post.

Do teslas have cigarette lighters?

Teslas do not come with cigarette lighters specifically, however, they still provide the electric connectors that these lighters used to plug into. This allows you to use any standard 12v cigarette adapter to power a huge variety of devices from your Tesla vehicle.

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