FSD – Full Self Driving (Beta)

Tesla regularly pushes out updates to the Full Self Driving Software. These updates include performance improvements in the system and should, over time, will show notable improvements to every drive.

This is potentially done every two weeks as of late 2021. However, some updates get delayed, especially when they include large system changes such as those coming with FSD 11.0

One of the bigger changes was the incorporation of the FSD Safety Score, which allowed the FSD program to be rolled out to more users throughout the USA

Below are all of the release notes from when Tesla actually placed them in each FSD update. They are in reverse chronological order (ie. newest at the top).

FSD 10.12

FSD 10.11

FSD 10.10

FSD 10.9

FSD 10.8

FSD 10.6.1

FSD 10.6

FSD 10.5

FSD 10.4

FSD 10.3

FSD 10.2

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