What Is Tesla Chill Mode & Some Tips

When you first get your new Tesla you will be blown away by how fast it accelerates.

Whether you get a Plaid Model X, a Tesla Model 3 or a Tesla Model Y, the acceleration will be like nothing you have ever experienced before. Unless you owned a race car that is. And even then, Teslas are very very fast.

However, putting the pedal to the metal and accelerating as fast as you can in your Tesla is not always ideal.

That is where Chill Mode comes in…

What Is Chill Mode?

Tesla Chill Mode is a feature that reduces the acceleration of the vehicle. When you are in Chill Mode even a full press of the accelerator will only provide around 50% of normal acceleration.

The idea of this mode is to reduce battery power usage from such extreme accelerations and also reduce tire wear. Some Tesla owners have worn through tires in as little as 7000 miles because they put the pedal to the floor way too often.

my total lack of impulse control wore the rear [tires] out in 7,000 miles!

Tesla owner – GeezerSquid on Reddit

You can see the difference in a Plaid Model S in the video below.

Does Chill Mode Save Battery Power?

According to some users on Reddit Tesla’s Chill Mode reduces energy consumption over time. However, given that it only applies to accelerations the savings would be limited. After all, the majority of your time on the road, especially on highways, is not spent doing large accelerations.

Of course, this will depend on how you normally drive, and what kinds of driving you do the majority of the time. In the end, Chill Mode vs Standard Mode will always save you some battery power.

How To Activate Chill Mode

It’s simple to activate Tesla Chill Mode on your Tesla. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Driving menu
  2. Find the Acceleration menu
  3. Tap on Chill
How to enable Chill Mode on a Tesla
Activate Chill Mode

Benefits Of Chill Mode

To summarize all of the benefits of enabling this mode on your Tesla vehicle:

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Reduced tire wear
  • Greater control on loose or slippery surfaces

This last point bears talking more about. Some Tesla owners have stated that when they are driving in the winter, especially in places like Canada where it snows a lot, always turn this mode on.

This is because it reduces the instant torque when you press the accelerator pedal and enables you to control the vehicle better. The same would apply to any snowy country such as Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and more.

Nothing is worse than losing control in the snow, so now you that this feature is your friend. Kind of like Traction Control in some vehicles, although the functionality is totally different!

Downsides to Chill Mode

The only real downside to this mode is that you cannot absolutely gun your Tesla and impress your friends (or the ladies).

Or is that even true?

Various Tesla owners have said that even with Chill Mode on they can throw their passengers back and make their jaws drop! After all, the acceleration on a Tesla is so significant compared to almost any gas car that even having your Tesla in this mode blows them away.

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