Volvo Pilot Assist Vs Tesla Autopilot

If you are considering a Volvo or a Tesla and are wondering what the difference is between their driver-assist technology, then you have come to the right place.

Comparing Volvo Pilot Assist vs Tesla Autopilot is a little like chalk and cheese. But before I downplay Volvo’s tech too quickly, let’s take a deeper look.

The Main Differences Between Pilot Assist & Autopilot

The big difference between Volvo Pilot Assist and Tesla Autopilot is that Tesla is way further ahead in driver assistance systems. Where Volvo’s system is just simple driver-assistance software, Autopilot can more or less drive highways for you with little to no intervention.

What Can Volvo Pilot Assist Do?

Volvo Pilot Assist - Lane Centering
Volvo Pilot Assist – Lane Centering

Volvo’s latest version is called Pilot Assist II and it uses Mobileye’s EyeQ 3 platform. However, they are planning on moving to the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system in 2022/23.

Currently, Volvo’s Pilot Assist can do the following:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control – keeps speed & brakes when needed
  • Lane Keeping – works on mostly straight roads

So, in essence, the Pilot Assist should be used in simple highway situations when you want to keep a constant speed in a particular lane. The system will adapt the speed based on vehicles you are following, or if there is no vehicle, then it will maintain the speed you set. It will also try to keep you centered in the lane if the markings are clear.

What Can Tesla Autopilot Do?

All of Tesla’s software is developed in-house. After all, they are a Silicon Valley startup that has grown into a worldwide technology giant. So, it is no wonder they are on the cutting edge, with the best engineers and the best technology.

Tesla Autopilot - Lane Change
Tesla Autopilot – Lane Change

Tesla Autopilot is significantly better than Volvo Pilot Assist. It can essentially take over the majority of the tasks you do while driving on a highway. It still requires complete monitoring from you as the driver, but it allows you to relax a lot more on long highway trips.

Here is what Tesla Autopilot can do:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control – excellent speed/braking adaption
  • Lane Centering – Tesla’s Autosteer works extremely well on highways and even on other roads
  • Lane Changing – the car will change lanes when slower vehicles are ahead, working confidently on a variety of roads
  • Navigate on Autopilot – you can set a destination and your Tesla will work well on highways, entering and exiting, and many large side roads.

Tesla Autopilot in essence can take over driving in monotonous situations for you. It still requires monitoring, and it will “nag” you if you do not pay attention. However, it is far superior to the majority of competitors.

Note: Tesla is also working on FSD (Full Self Driving) which is currently in Beta. This system is merging with Autopilot and will solve the complete autonomous driving problem in the coming years. It is already capable of handling the majority of daily driving tasks and there is an update almost once or twice a month.

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  1. Many people who own both say they are on par.
    Consumer Reports say they are on par.
    Euro NCAP says Volvo’s ADAS is BETTER.
    Inverse.Com also says Volvo’s ADAS is BETTER.


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