Unique & Funny Tesla Vanity Plates

Tesla as a brand has inspired a lot of devoted fans and even an army of sorts. From people who love the mission of accelerating the transition to sustainable energy, to those who just love the fact that these electric cars are like iPhones on wheels, there is a range of Tesla lovers out there.

So, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a range of unique and funny Tesla vanity plates. Tesla license plates that have been seen in the wild. Some on Twitter, others just on the web.

Some people also love to give their Tesla car a name, which you can also do on the screen!

Funny Tesla Plates

Who doesn’t love to charge the Tesla!

Love To Charge It

Love To Charge It - Tesla plate
Image from Eli Christman

Plug It

Another charging or plug in focused reference for electric vehicles like Tesla. This vanity plate says it all.

plug it vanity plate tesla funny
Thanks to Eli Christman

Exciting Vanity Plate

It seems this Tesla Owner in Belgian is quite excited to own their Model X electric vehicle.

Exciting Tesla Vanity Plate

Image via Wikimedia


CEO MG Tesla Plate
Another image from Eli Christman

It’s Time

If you think it’s time to get an electric vehicle like a Tesla, then this is the quirky vanity plate for you!

It's Time - Tesla plate
Image via Wikipedia

Super Power

Yes, having a Tesla Model X almost endows you with superpowers! Even if you have to state it on your license plate.

Super Power - Tesla Plate
From Eli Christman, of course.


Apparently it is Italian for to blow away; fly away or fly off; or to fly ; You can choose which meaning is right!

Volare - Tesla Vanity Plate
From Eli Christman

Send It

This Tesla Model X is certainly ready to send it!

BYE BP and Gas For What?

Yes it is time for the oil companies to collapse!

Log In

A lot of tech nerds have Teslas!


For those that work in tech and code, I need not say more!


Rocket Maam

One of the lucky ladies who works at Space X?

Thanks Elon and Buy Tesla

Too Fast For Gas (Cars)

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