Tesla Trax App – Music Maker

As part of the much awaited holiday update of 2019 (Update 2019.40.50) Tesla added a whole range of features including Camp Mode and an app called TRAX v 0.1.

What Is Tesla Trax?

Tesla Trax is an app that allows you to compose music on your screen. You can add various instruments, change the pitch and tune of the sounds and piece together tracks in your electric vehicle.

Once you are happy with your musical masterpiece, you can save it and play it on your Tesla sound system.

To quote from Tesla’s release notes:

you can now make audio masterpieces with TRAX. Simply add some instruments, adjust the tempo, and record multiple tracks to start creating original music right in your car. Once you are done, SAVE your music and LOAD it for future playback.

Tesla Release Notes Version 2019.40.50

You can get a feeling for what TRAX is capable of in this video

How To Enable Tesla TRAX App

The Tesla TRAX App is located under Entertainment on the Tesla screen, along with various other apps like Boombox, Romance and Caroake.

Tesla TRAX App is located in the Entertainment Toybox

Tesla Entertainement – Romance, Boombox, Emissions and TRAX

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