Tesla VIN Decoder

If you are looking to buy a second-hand Tesla or trying to figure out where a Tesla was manufactured or which options it was built with, then a Tesla VIN decoder or lookup is the way to go. You can also decode your VIN once you get it on your order screen or while tracking your order.

VIN numbers are actually quite logical as they are broken down into parts to help you understand where, when, and how a vehicle was built. The final part of the VIN is a unique identifier that does not provide any specific information except that it is usually sequential.

Beware, some numbers are skipped by manufacturers for various reasons, so don’t count on these digits for much.

Using A Tesla VIN Lookup

VINs can be broken up into sections to help with the decoding. All you have to do is follow the number of each position range to find the right digits or characters to decipher them.

Sometimes it will be a 3 character combination, such as for the manufacturing plant, other times it is one digit or letter for the year of production. The following image shows the main parts according to the NHTSA

VIN Decoder breakdown
VIN Decoder Breakdown

Below is a simple table showing which position, what it means, and the specific interpretation for it.

VIN PositionMeaningValues
Position 1-3Manufacturer
& Country
5YJ = Tesla, USA
7SA = Tesla, USA (Model X & Y, 2022 onwards)
SFZ =  Tesla, England
LRW = Tesla, China
XP7 = Tesla, Germany
Position 4ModelS = Model S
3 = Model 3
X = Model X
Y = Model Y
R = Roadster
Position 5Body Type /
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
A = Model S – 5 Door (Left-hand drive)
B = Model S – 5 Door (Right-hand drive)
B = Model 3 – 5 Doors (Right-hand drive)
E = Model 3 – 4 Doors (Left-hand drive)
F = Model 3 – 4 Doors (Right-hand drive)
C = Model X – Class E MPV / 5 Doors (Left-hand drive)
D = Model X – Class E MPV / 5 Doors (Right-hand drive)
G = Model Y – Class D MPV / 5 Doors (Left-hand drive)
H = Model Y – Class D MPV / 5 Doors (Right-hand drive)
E = Roadster Convertible
Position 6Belt System
Position 7Drive TrainE = Lithium Ion Battery – Electric (NMC)
F = Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LFP)
H = Lithium Ion Battery- High Capacity (NMC)
S = Lithium Ion Battery – Standard (NMC)
V = Lithium Ion Battery – Ultra High Capacity (NMC)
Position 8Motor Type1 = Single Motor – Standard (Model S)
2 = Dual Motor – Standard (Model S & X)
3 = Single Motor – Performance (Model S)
4 = Dual Motor – Performance (Model S & X)
5 = P2 Dual Motor (Model S & Model X Refresh 2021)
6 = P2 Tri Motor (Model S & Model X Plaid)
A = Single Motor – Standard / Performance (Model 3)
B = Dual Motor – Standard (Model 3)
C = Dual Motor – Performance (Model 3)
D = Single Motor – Standard / Performance – Wire Winding (Model Y)
E = Dual Motor – Standard – Wire Winding (Model Y)
F = Dual Motor – Performance – Wire Winding (Model Y)
J = Single Motor – Standard / Performance – Hairpin Winding (Model Y)
K = Dual Motor – Standard – Hairpin Winding (Model Y)
L = Dual Motor – Performance – Hairpin Winding (Model Y)
Position 9Check digit1-9
Position 10Model year6-9 = 2006-2009
A = 2010, B = 2011, C = 2012, D = 2013, E = 2014,
F = 2015, G = 2016, H = 2017, J = 2018, K = 2019,
L = 2020, M = 2021, N = 2022
Position 11Manufacturing Plant1 = Menlo Park, CA, USA
F = Fremont, CA, USA
P = Palo Alto, CA, USA
A = Austin, TX, USA
3 = Hethel, UK (Roadster final assembly)
C = Shanghai, China
B = Berlin, Germany

Where Is The Tesla VIN ?

You can find your Tesla VIN in three locations:

  • Under the windshield (see image)
  • On the bottom your Tesla App homescreen
Tesla Front Window VIN plate
Tesla VIN Under Windshield
Tesla App VIN at the bottom
Tesla VIN at the bottom of the Tesla App (Not A Real VIN)

Further Tesla VIN Plate Locations

Many of these are country-specific, however, here are the other locations Tesla has stated you can find product-related information (eg. VIN, Options, Paint Codes).

Tesa VIN on door pillar
In General – Rear Right Passenger Door Pillar

OBD-II Connector – Via An OBD Reader

Tesla VIN via ODBII connector
Tesla VINs can also be read via the OBD-II Connector under the driver’s side dash

Tesla China Vehicles

Tesla VIN under floor mat in China
China, Pre-September 2020 – Behind Passenger Seat, Under Carpet

Tesla VIN under floor mat in China
China, Post-September 2020 – In Front Of Passenger Seat, Under Carpet

Windshield VIN image courtesy of Spencer Thomas

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