Tesla Vent Mode – Open & Close Windows

There are a lot of cool things you can do on your Tesla vehicle from the Tesla mobile app. And for the last few years, one of them is remotely opening or closing the windows via the Tesla Mobile App.

What Is Tesla Vent Mode?

Vent Mode is one of the great features on all Teslas that will slightly open (a few inches) the windows remotely. This allows you to cool your vehicle when it gets hot outside.

Why is Vent Mode so great? (Aside from getting fresh air in, and not having to use a Tesla Air Freshener!)

If your vehicle is sitting in the sun while you are out shopping or at the beach, the car is going to be very hot when you get back.

So, before you head back to your Tesla Model 3 (or any other Tesla) why not remotely open the windows a few inches via the App to let all the hot air out. That way, when you arrive, it is already a lot cooler.

Getting The Most Out Of Vent Mode

Because opening the windows will only do so much on a hot day you will also want to turn on the air conditioning or at least the air vents to push that hot air out of the car.

Depending on how far away you are from your Tesla, you can decide which of these makes more sense for you.

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How To Open/Close Windows Via The App

In order to vent the windows remotely on the Tesla Mobile App you have to follow these steps:

  1. Select Climate
  2. Down the bottom right tap the Vent button

The windows will now open around 2 inches to let the hot air out.

You can close them again the same way, buy hitting the Vent button again – which now says Close. (if they are open)

This is what it looks like on the Tesla App:

how to vent windows on your tesla
How To Vent the Windows On Your Tesla

How Far Do The Windows Open In Vent Mode?

Tesla has designed the vent feature to only open the windows enough to let a little air out. But at the same time, not enough so that anyone can squeeze their hand in.

You can see how far the windows open in the image below:

Tesla Windows partially open for vent mode
The window gap using Tesla Vent via the App

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