Does Tesla Sell Used Cars?

If you are looking to buy a Tesla, you might be wondering if Tesla also sells used electric vehicles?

After all, a brand new Tesla Model S or even Model Y is kinda expensive, right? With the Model S coming in nearly $90,000 and the Model Y at $54,000!

Tesla Used Cars

Tesla used cars filters and search
Tesla Used Car Design Studio – Search and filter

With Tesla electric vehicles lasting at least 500,000 miles, it is no surprise that people are trading their Teslas in. And on top of that, it is no surprise that Tesla is cashing in on this trend.

Tesla has a huge pool of used Tesla cars for sale. They make it as easy as they do with their new cars to buy – which is to say, super simple.

You can use their design studio for used Teslas in their marketplace, just as you would for a new car. The only difference is that the Teslas available appear dynamically as you change the filter more to your preferences.

This is a great way to hone in on the Tesla model and options that you are looking for and to also compare with others. Get the best deal, and see what changes the prices the most! Win-win!

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