Tesla With Red Interior – Seats & Mats

Tesla is famous for limiting the options on their vehicles to reduce costs and increase production speeds.

Most vehicles from Tesla, like the Model Y and the Model 3 only have two interior color options – black and white.

The Model S and Model X right now (2021) have three interior color options – cream, black and white.

Custom Red Tesla Interiors

Due to the fact that Tesla Motors does not actually produce a red interior for any of their models, you are going to have to get a custom interior instead.

The following are some after-market options available online for each of the Tesla models.

Model Y Red Interior

The Tesla Model Y is becoming one of the bestselling cars on the market and there are a few red interior options for this model which give you red seats and a red console.

Xipoo Tesla Model Y Seat Cover – PU Leather Cover

Tesla model Y red seats

Xipoo offer a great option for Model Y red seat covers, providing 12 pieces of red PU leather that are designed to fit over the existing seats. They are also created with the airbags in mind so that the safety function of the car is not compromised.



Model 3 Red Interior

Tesla Model 3 with red seats

Xipoo also offer a set of red interior seat covers for the Model 3. It comes in 12 pieces as well so you can easily cover the existing Model 3 seats and not disturb any built-in functions like airbags. Red seats here we come!



Custom Red Interior Floor Mats – Model 3, Model Y, Model X, Model S

All tesla models with red floor mats and white tesla logo
Tesla Red Interior Floor Mats

Another option is to add a slightly smaller amount of red to your Tesla interior with custom red interior floor mats. These ones are diagonally stitched with the Tesla Logo in the center and are made to fit any of the Tesla models.


Red Tesla floor mats
Tesla Red Interior Floor Mats with Lines

If you prefer a lined look to your floor mats and also do not have the white Tesla logo, then this option is going to be the one to grab.


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Header image courtesy of Chris Weaver

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