Tesla Powerwall – Your Questions Answered

Tesla released the first powerwall back in 2015. They have since installed 200,000 powerwalls all over the world and are accelerating their installation every year.

So, why would you want a Tesla Powerwall? How long do they last? Or how much do they cost?

We will answer all those questions below.

What Is A Powerwall Used For?

A Tesla Powerwall is used to store excess solar energy or cheaper off-peak energy for use when the sun goes down. It can also be used as a backup energy storage system for use when the grid goes down.

How Much Does A Powerwall Cost?

Tesla Powerwalls currently cost around $10,500 including installation. However, you cannot currently get a Powerwall alone. You have to get it with a Solar installation from Tesla.

How Many kWh Does A Powerwall Have?

The current version of the Tesla Powerwall has 13.5 kWh. This is likely to increase when Powerwall 3 is released in the future.

How Many Powerwalls Do You Need?

The number of Powerwalls you need depends on how much energy you consume in your house. An average house needs 1-2 Powerwalls, however if you have higher energy consumption such a Air-conditioning, you might need up to 3.

In the end, you will need to consult a solar installation specialist in order to determine how many Powerwalls you need to install.

Where Can I Buy A Tesla Powerwall?

You can order a Tesla Powerwall directly from Tesla, or if you order a solar installation from a reputable firm, they will organise a Tesla Powerwall for you. Just be aware that due to overwhelming demand, Tesla is restricting sales of their Powerwall to their solar customers only. So, be sure to check if this is still the case when you get a quote or order a Powerwall.

How Long Does A Powerwall 2 Last?

Tesla offers a 10 year warranty on their Powerwall. They promise that it will provide 70% of its original capacity after that time and it can sustain unlimited cycles for standard solar usage.

Powerwall 1 vs Powerwall 2

What is the difference between the Tesla Powerwall 1 and Powerwall 2?

Powerwall 1 only had a capacity of 6.5 kWh, while Powerwall 2 has a larger capacity of 13.5 kWh. It is also possible to order Powerwall 2 with a solar inverter inside. This is called Powerwall+.

Powerwall 1 used to have the smaller 18650 cells inside, whereas the new Powerwall 2 has the larger capacity 2170 cells inside.

Powerwall 1 has been discontinued anyway.

Don’t Use A Powerwall for…

Powerwalls are meant for domestic and small business use. If you need something for large scale applications then you should use a Megapack.

If you have a camper or RV, then there are smaller-scale batteries for your Solar Panel Kit. You don’t need something this big for those kinds of applications.

Header image courtesy of National Renewable Energy

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