Does Tesla Give Out Loaner Cars?

Getting a loaner car is always a complicated issue when you have to get your vehicle repaired under warranty, after an accident, or just because something broke.

And getting a loaner car from Tesla is something a lot of you are wondering about.

So, does Tesla give loaner cars?

Yes, in many cases, loaner cars are available from Tesla while your vehicle is being repaired. It is not guaranteed and does not happen in every case, but they are often available.

Tips On Getting A Loaner Car

From the various posts I have seen around the internet on what, when and why people get loan vehicles, these are things that I have learned.

When You Get A Loaner Vehicle

First, loaners tend to be given to people have who Tesla vehicles that will be in the service center for longer periods. I am not sure there is a general rule, but it seems that half-day issues are far less unlikely to get a loaner. Whereas multiple-day repairs more often warrant a loaner from Tesla.

Do You Get A Tesla Loaner

Tesla seems to have a limited supply of their own vehicles to loan out. And, depending on the time of year (ie. if it is the end of quarter delivery push) and their lots are full, then Tesla service centers are even less likely to have vehicles on hand.

Tesla often will sometimes lend out anything they have available to someone getting a repair. I have even heard of them lending out a gas-powered car in an emergency.

Enterprise Vehicles

Tesla also has a deal with Enterprise rental vehicles in some cases, and will often organise a loaner from them if they don’t have one available. There does not seem to be a consistent plan where this is concerned, however, be sure to ask if you are told they don’t have any loaner cars available.

Uber Credit

The last resort for Tesla service centers appears to be giving out Uber Credit. This may work for many of you and is actually pretty convenient if you only need to get to and from work.

So, make sure you ask for Uber Credit if nothing else is coming your way from Tesla when you need a loaner.

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