Best Tesla J1772 Adapters (To Charge Anywhere)

When you buy a Tesla you get the mobile connector kit with your electric vehicle, however, it does not come with a J1772 or Type 1 connecter.

And if you plan on being able to charge at most US charging stations, aside from the Supercharger network or your home Tesla Wall Charger, then you will definitely need one. They are one of the main standards when it comes to EV charging connectors.

So, with that in mind, what are your options when it comes to buying a Tesla J1772 / Type 1 adapter?

Lectron – Tesla to J1772 Adapter

Lectron J1772 to Tesla adapter
Lectron Tesla to J1772 Adapter

Lectron makes EV chargers and adapters so are definitely a company that has experience in the EV game. They have developed a simple Tesla to J1772 type 1 adapter for a Tesla electric vehicle that is available on Amazon. It is reasonably priced and gets 4.5 stars from thousands of reviewers!

It is a simple piece of plastic that you snap onto your Tesla charger cable and then fits into your Tesla vehicle.


LENZ – Tesla to J1772 Adapter

Lenz Tesla J1772 Adapter
Lenz Tesla to J1772 Adapter

LENZ is another company that has a simple plastic adapter for your Tesla to use an SAE J1772 Type 1 connection. This option for a Tesla adapter is not as often purchased on Amazon but gets 5 stars from those who have bothered to review it.

But if all you want is a simple plastic Tesla to J1772 adapter, then give this one a short


ZENCAR J1772 to Tesla Charger Adapter

ZENCAR J1772 to Tesla Charger Adapter

Another option from ZENCAR to convert from J1172 to any of the Tesla vehicles is this adapter with decent reviews.

It is made from durable ABS plastic and supports 250V with 60Amps maximum. It gives you a lot more options for charging stations


Another option is to always use a Tesla Supercharger, or a Tesla destination charger, as well as your home Tesla Wall Connector. That way you never have to worry about accessing other electric vehicle charging networks or simple plus. However, it always pays to have a backup and a simple Tesla to J1772 adapter is always good to have in your back pocket!

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