Tesla Heated Wipers / Front Defroster

We all know and love the defroster on the rear window of our cars! But wouldn’t it be great to have a heating element on the front.

Sure, you can’t have one in view, but what about something to unstick your windshield wipers in cold weather?

Enter Tesla’s heated wipers.

What Are Tesla Heater Wipers?

Windscreen wipers up to stop them freezing to the glass
windshield wipers up to stop them freezing to the glass – image from jpmatth on Flicker

Tesla heater wipers are not actually a heater on the wipers but rather a heating element / defroster at the bottom of the windshield that warms the wipers when they are not in motion.

This is great for when you are parked and it is cold enough to freeze your wipers to your windshield. People in the northern regions will know how useful this can be. It will save you from having to lift up your wipers when you park at night or in a cold snap!

Of course, there is still the task of scraping any ice from the windshield which this does not solve. But for now, heated wipers are the best we have.

Which Tesla Models Have Heated Wipers?

Tesla now has heater wipers available in almost all major models. However, not all submodels have it, and it does not come standard in every case.

Model S & Model X

If you have the Subzero Weather Package on a Model S or Model X up until mid-2017, or a later model (when it was standard) then you have heated windshield wipers. The package also includes heating on the seats, steering wheel, side mirrors, cameras and washer nozzles. After all, once the cold sets in and snow comes, it all freezes!

You can see the heating in action in this video:

Model Y & Model 3

Tesla only started to hint that they will be adding heated wipers to the Model 3 and Model Y in late 2021 in Chinese made vehicles. This hint came in the form of an owner’s manual change. So, we know it is coming but just have not seen any real life cars with it yet.

It is expected to be the same as what you see in the Model S and X. And potentially only an option. We should learn more in 2022.

How To Activate Heated Wipers

Tesla heated wipers front defrost function
How To Enable Front Defroster / Heated Wipers

You can easily activate heated wipers / front defroster on your Tesla by following these steps:

  1. Head to the Climate Controls screen
  2. Tap the Front Defoster icon

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