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Tesla now has three Gigafactories around the world. There is one running in America in Nevada, California and Buffalo, New York, as well as one in Shanghai, China. On top of that, Tesla has it’s first factory in Freemont, California, which is not a “Giga” per se, but still one of their most important factories!

The newer two Gigafactories are in Austin, Texas, and Berlin, Germany. Both of which are due to open in the first half of 2022.

One of the questions most people have about Tesla’s Gigafactories is – Can I get a tour of a Tesla factory?

Unfortunately, Tesla does not provide regular factory tours at any of their Gigafactories. However, under exceptional circumstances, people have gotten in to tour their factories.

Giga Berlin Factory Tour & Party

The most recent example was at Giga Berlin, on the 9th October 2021 where Tesla threw a huge festival and party, and provided tours at the not yet complete Gigafactory.

They revealed a lot of new technology during the factory tour including 4680 cells and structural packs, Giga castings, new LED lights and much more. It was a rare chance for Berlin locals to get a look at the electric revolution that Tesla is currently leading!

Giga Texas Factory Tour & Party

Likewise, Elon Musk has stated that a Giga Texas Grand Opening Party along with factory tours, is also on the cards. And many believe it is slated for either March or April 2022.

Keep your eye out if you live in the area as tickets tend to go insanely fast!

Tesla Fremont Factory

Most Tesla factory tours have happened in their Freemont factory, however, it is still not something you can book easily.

Usually, it is some Youtube celebrity accompanied by Elon Musk or a major media outlet that gets the factory tour, but you never know your luck. If you live close by and purchase a Tesla, be sure to ask the delivery center and maybe you can find a way inside!

Here is Marques Brownlee touring the Tesla Freemont factory with Elon.

Giga Nevada Factory Tour

Again, Tesla rarely lets anyone take a factory tour at Giga Nevada, but some media outlets have managed to get inside. Of course, Tesla has to keep a lot of their technology secret, and a factory floor is not the safest place in the world, so it is kind of understandable.

Here is a video of a Giga Nevada tour that CNBC managed to get.

Giga New York Factory Tour

The long-forgotten New York Giga Factory 2 in Buffalo is also important to Tesla, producing solar roof tiles and other automotive parts for the company. Again, it is almost impossible to get in, but here is a video we found showing a lot of the factory operations.

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