Tesla Cybertruck: Specs, Start Date & More

In November of 2019, Elon Musk and Tesla’s Chief Designer shocked the world with their futuristic Cybertruck concept car. Said to be inspired by the movie Blade Runner, the Cybertruck looks like no vehicle you have ever owned.

With sharp stainless steel exoskeleton and aggressive lines, and a front with blinding LED headlights, the Cybertruck is certainly one of a kind. Musk has said it will be almost bulletproof and be able to survive the Apocalypse if it ever comes.

The challenge for Tesla has been getting this unique and cutting-edge design to production. However, in 2023 we might finally get to see these babies on the road.

Tesla Cybertruck towing

Tesla Cybertruck Specs

The Cybertruck has been designed to rival the likes of the Ford F150, and perhaps even sparked Ford to produce the F150 Lightening before the Tesla Cybertruck came to production.

Tesla claims the truck will be able to race to 60, just like any other Tesla electric vehicle, yet still tow enough load to accomplish anything you can throw at it.

So, what are the specs of this beast of an electric car?

  • Range: up to 500 miles of range
  • 0-60 speed: 2.9 seconds
  • Towing Capacity: over 14,000 pounds
  • Payload capacity: 3500 pounds
  • Storage area: 100 cubic feet

Unique Design & Features

As I mentioned above, the Tesla Cybertruck is like no other vehicle on the road. Instead of having a pressed aluminum shell, they have come up with a rolled and bent stainless steel exoskeleton.

This means it is far cheaper to produce and a lot stronger too. There will not be any paint on this vehicle, which means there are no color options. Just stainless steel. For now at least.

Tesla claims the impenetrable exoskeleton, which is 30 times cold rolled stainless steel, is safer, harder to dent and is far more corrosion resistant. This, my friends, is the ultimate durability!

Cybertruck Rear Bed
Cybertruck Rear Bed

The rear bed of the truck is quite unique too. It is designed to carry up to 3500 pounds and will stretch to 6.5-foot. They called it the Cybertruck Vault and it will have a so-called magic tonneau cover, that is electric. This keeps your gear safe and secure in the back at all times in the 100 cubic feet storage area. There will also be a handy electric compressed air pump in the back to help with work or play.

Like with most upmarket Teslas, the Cybertruck will come complete with air suspension. This helps not only give a better ride but also enables you to handle more tricky situations. You will be able to raise and lower the truck by up to 4 inches from the 17″ touchscreen.

Cybertruck Interior
Cybertruck Interior

Continuing to the Cybertruck interior, there will of course be Tesla’s faux leather, in black. Loads of space, enough for six people they say. With more storage under the seats.

The look and feel are very austere and minimalistic, as with most Teslas. Although, there is the Cybertruck feel with the sharp corners on the seats. Giving it that futuristic look.

Oh, and the windows are made from Tesla Armor Glass, which is meant to protect you from the most fierce of enemy objects. It did fail when tested by Franz von Holzhausen with a metal ball at the unveiling event, however, that was supposedly due to repeated testing/weakening beforehand.

How much will Tesla Cybertruck cost?

The exact price of the Tesla Cybertruck has not been released. However, this is what we know so far.

There will likely be 2-3 variants, with more battery power, electric motors and acceleration on each. Tesla will typically start with the pricier trims, so expect to see the more expensive ones come off the production line first.

The last time we heard from Tesla, the Cybertruck is going to start at $39,900 for the rear wheel drive, single motor version. The other variants will cost you $49,900 and $69,900, however, they come with all wheel drive and likely 2-4 electric motors. This has yet to be re-confirmed by Tesla.

Cybertruck Production Date: When will Tesla Cybertruck be available?

The production date of the Tesla Cybertruck is forever changing. Apparently due to a number of things such as battery supply, issues with the new techniques for manufacturing, or perhaps just other priorities at Tesla.

The current status is for the Tesla Cybertruck to enter production by mid-2023, and then enter a more mass-production status by the end of 2023. And given that Tesla has started hiring for Cybertruck production, I believe it will really happen soon.

Why is the Cybertruck $100?

You can preorder a Cybertruck with a deposit of only $100. This is fully refundable and is a very small amount of money to put down on the futuristic Tesla Cybertruck. The cost of the production truck itself will range from $40,000 to 70,000.

Are Cybertrucks bulletproof?

Tesla has stated that the body of the Cybertruck could withstand the impact of a 9mm round from a handgun. The new, 30-times cold-rolled stainless steel exoskeleton is said to be far stronger and more impenetrable than your usual truck on the road.

How did the Cybertruck fail?

The Tesla Cybertruck failed spectacularly on stage at the unveiling event when the Chief Designer threw a metal ball at the window. It was supposed to be shatterproof by seemed to break easily when tested by Franz von Holzhausen.

The cause was apparently the fact that the window had been previously tested too many times leading up to the event. That had caused an unseen crack in the window which lead to its ultimate failure.

How many people have ordered Cybertruck?

There were a significant number of initial orders for the Tesla Cybertruck when it was announced. Within one week of the unveiling, Tesla said there were 250,000 preorders. And a few weeks later, over 500,000.

Some people have been tracking preorder numbers and there are now said to be at least three million reservations for the Tesla Cybertruck.

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