Tesla Blind Spot Warning & Camera

Tesla cars do not detect blind spots like other vehicles do.

Instead, when you indicate to change lanes your Tesla will do the following on the screen:

  • the car will move to give a better view of what is around you
  • if there is a car in your blind spot the lane and car go red
  • the car will give a warning chime if you proceed to move lanes with a car next to you.
Tesla Blind Spot Alert
Tesla Blind Spot Alert – Red highlights on vehicle and lane

You can optionally show more cameras in the main part of the screen, to include the rear and side cameras together, to give you a broader and safer view of what is around you.

Of course, this is not always as handy as the orange light in the side mirror other manufacturers use because you have to look away from the direction of a turn to see the screen.

However, with the view that all Teslas will eventually work on Autopilot almost all the time, it makes a lot of sense.

Tesla Blind Spot Camera

Tesla Blind Spot Camera View
Blind Spot Camera View

In January 2022 Tesla enabled the Blind Spot Camera view on the main screen. This takes this one step further and shows you what the car sees on the side repeater camera to help you avoid accidents when changing lanes.

You Can see it in action in this video

How To Enable The Blind Spot Camera View

Enabling the Blind Spot Camera View is simple, all you need to do is the following:

  1. Tap the Car Icon on the bottom left
  2. Then tap on the Autopilot section
  3. Now toggle the Automatic Blind Spot Camera

Now the Blind Spot Camera will appear whenever the turn signal is used.

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