Tesla Black vs White Interior (Which Is Best?)

When it comes to choosing the interior color of your new Tesla vehicle, they make it very easy. Almost as easy as Henry Ford did back in the day!

You can have any color Tesla interior, as long as it is black or white interior.

And obviously, there are pros and cons to each color, which is why you are wondering…

Is Black or White Tesla Interior Better?

The black interior comes standard with every Tesla so it is cheaper and it is also easier to keep clean. On the other hand, the white interior in a Tesla looks classier and feels roomier so for many people it is a better choice.

It all comes down to personal taste in the end, however, keep those few pros and cons in mind when making your final choice between the black interior and white interior colors.

Model 3 Black Interior vs White Interior

What Are The Main Differences Between White Interiors And Black Interior Cars

Tesla does not change every element of the interior when you select a white interior vs a black interior.

With a black interior in a Model 3 or Model Y for example you get:

  • black leather seats
  • black steering wheel
  • black console and doors
  • wooden accent on the dashboard that extends to the door

With a white interior in a Model 3 or Model Y for example you get:

  • white leather seats
  • white dash accents that extend to the door
  • the rest is the same as the black interior Model 3

Obviously, it has nothing to do with whether you get a white exterior or not, but in that case, ordering the car’s interior in white might make sense!

Does Tesla White Interior Get dirty Easily?

Tesla seats are made from vegan leather (not real leather) which is ultimately a kind of plastic. Although they are stain-resistant, the white interior seats are more prone to getting dirty and require careful cleaning when they do.

Some people complain that when they wear jeans the color can rub off on white seats and they are more prone to soaking up dies.

Tesla offers some simple seat cleaning tips if you do encounter such issues, as you have to be careful with their specific vegan leather when using chemicals.

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