Tesla Autopark Feature: All You Need To Know

Tesla is forever improving their vehicles and one timely update they have made is the Tesla Autopark feature.

This feature enables Tesla owners to park their Tesla vehicles more easily and safely by using the autonomous features of the vehicle. No matter whether you have a Model 3, Model Y, S or X, this feature is great!

Let’s dive in and find out more about auto park and how it can simplify parking below.

How does Tesla’s Autopark feature work?

Tesla’s Autopark helps you park your vehicle automatically when it detects the appropriate parking spaces. It can detect both parallel parking spots and perpendicular parking spaces using the cameras located all around the vehicle.

Previously, any Tesla model was restricted in the kinds of parking spaces you could use auto park in because it relied on the Ultrasonic sensors only. However, in 2021 they upgraded Tesla Autopark to be more in line with the rest of Tesla’s autonomous features.

The car can now detect a parking space without vehicles on either side of it. Instead, it can auto park in spaces by finding the appropriate lines that you or I would when parking.

How To Start Autopark

Tesla Autopark is actually pretty easy to use. You just have to be driving slow enough and be near an appropriate parking space for it to activate (see the next section for the limitations).

When the car sees a parking spot, a Parking Icon will appear on the touchscreen as shown below.

Tesla Autopark Icon on the touchscreen when a parking spot is detected

Now follow these steps to complete the parking sequence:

  • check if the detected parking space is ok.
  • move forward one car length ahead of the parking space
  • release the steering wheel and put the car into Reverse
  • touch the Start Autopark on the touchscreen.

Now Tesla Autopark will do its thing and display a message when parking is complete.

Restrictions For Tesla Autopark

First, to use the auto park you need to be driving slowly.

Tesla states that for parallel parking

  • your speed must be under 13mph or 21 km/h
  • there must be a vehicle in front of your chosen parking spot
  • the edge (curb) of the parking space must be a line and clearly visible

For perpendicular parking spots

  • your speed must be less than 8mph or 13 km/h
  • the parking space must be 7.2 ft / 2.2 m wide
  • auto park needs three lines to define the space
  • cannot feature textures like cobblestones

How To Pause The Autopark Feature

If you wish to pause auto park at any point simply tap your foot on the brake pedal.

How To Cancel The Autopark Feature

Your Tesla vehicle will then cancel auto park if any of the following occur:

  • You press the brake pedal while Autopark is paused. (so first pause it)
  • The parking sequence exceeds seven moves
  • The driver is exiting the vehicle or the door opens
  • You press the accelerator
  • Any Automatic Emergency Braking event occurs

Overall, I would suggest using this feature during the parking process whenever you can. Afterall, your Tesla is far more likely to get it right than you are :>

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