Tesla Acceleration: 0-60 For All Models

Tesla cars are fast! Unless you put them in Chill Mode, of course.

In fact, the fastest production car on the road right now is the Model S Plaid. Which was released in mid-2021.

The Model S Plaid has a 0-60 time of just under 2 seconds!

1.98 seconds to be exact. (although that is with specific conditions)

So, how fast is the acceleration of all the other Tesla models?

Tesla acceleration - 0-60 times for all models

Tesla Model 3 Acceleration

There are a few different variations in each model category, so I will list the acceleration for each separately.

Model0-60 mph Acceleration
Tesla Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive5.8 seconds
Tesla Model 3 Long Range4.2 seconds
Tesla Model 3 Performance3.1 seconds

Tesla Model Y Acceleration

The Model Y is bound to be a little slower off the mark because it is heavier and less aerodynamic than the Model 3. Let’s take a look…

Model0-60 mph Acceleration
Tesla Model Y Standard Range (No longer available)5.3 seconds
Tesla Model Y Long Range4.8 seconds
Tesla Model Y Performance3.5 seconds

Tesla Model S Acceleration

The 2021 Model S Plaid is now the fastest car available from Tesla, at least until the new Roadster becomes available.

The first table below is the latest Model S refresh, which was released in 2021 with the new Plaid variant.

Model0-60 mph Acceleration
Model S3.1 seconds
Model S Plaid1.98 seconds
The New Model S was available from mid-2021 (sometimes called the Model S refresh)

The table below shows the previous Model S accelerations.

Model0-60 mph Acceleration
Tesla Model S 90D4 seconds
Tesla Model S P100D2.3 seconds
The Original Model S was available until 2021

Tesla Model X Acceleration

Now, the new Model X refresh, which started shipping in late 2021 is also insanely quick off the mark, Sure, it is a little slower than the Model S due to its weight and shape, but impressive nonetheless!

Model0-60 mph Acceleration
Model X3.8 seconds
Model X Plaid2.5 seconds
The New Model X was available from late-2021 (sometimes called the Model X refresh)

Tesla Roadster Acceleration

Model0-60 mph Acceleration
Model Roadster3.7 or 3.9 seconds (varies by model)
The New Model X was available from late-2021 (sometimes called the Model X refresh)

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