Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta Version 10.9

Release Date: 16th January 2022

Models: All models with FSD Beta

Regions: USA Only

Notable Changes

Use of raw photons from the cameras, instead of process images, which is something Elon talked about in the recent Lex Friedman podcast.

Improve unprotected left turns by removing the wait before entering the intersection.

Release Notes

  • Improved intersection extents and right of way assignment by updating modeling of intersection areas from dense rasters (“bag of points”) to sparse instances. Increased intersection region IOU by 4.2%. The sparse intersection network is the first model deployed with an auto-regressive architecture that runs natively with low latency on the TRIP Al accelerator chip, through innovations in the Al compiler stack.
  • Upgraded generalized static object network to use 10-bit photon count streams rather than 8-bit ISP tonemapped images by adding 10-bit inference support in the Al compiler stack. Improved overall recall by 3.9% and precision by 1.7%.
  • Made unprotected left turns across oncoming lanes more natural by proceeding straight into intersection while yielding, before initiating the turn.
  • Improved lane preference and topology estimation by 1.2% with a network update and a new format for navigation clues.
  • Improved short deadline lane changes with better modeling of necessary deceleration for maneuvers beyond the lane change.
  • Improved future paths for objects not confined to lane geometry by better modeling of their kinematics.
  • Made launches from stop more calm when there in an imminent slowdown nearby.
  • Improved gap selection when yielding to a stream of oncoming cars on narrow roads.
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