Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta Version 10.4

Release Date: 6th November 2021

Models: All models with FSD Beta

Regions: USA Only

Notable Changes

Great to see Tesla improving the emergency vehicle avoidance after the issues that received a lot of publicity with the older versions of Autopilot.

There are also improvements for maintaining speed through narrow gaps with high walls.

Release Notes

  • Improved handling when driving off navigation route by allowing better recovery, when safe to do so.
  • Improved handling and detection of high speed objects when crossing high speed roads. Enabled faster acceleration across high speed roads.
  • Improved speed through narrow spaces surrounded by high obstacles.
  • Improved static obstacle control by upreving the generalized static object network with hyperparameter tuning and improvements for oversampling strategies (+1.5% precision, +7.0% recall).
  • Improved VRU detection (e.g. pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles) by adding data from next generation autolabeler (precision +35%, recall +20%).
  • Improved emergency vehicle detection network by adding new data and improved training regime (pass rate +5.8%).
  • Improved VRU control relevance attribute by adding navigation route as input to object detection network (accuracy + 1.1%).

Press the “Video Record” button on the top bar UI to share your feedback. When pressed, your vehicle’s external cameras will share a short VIN associated Autopilot Snapshot with the Tesla engineering team to help make improvements to FSD. You will not be able to view the clip.

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