Screen Clean Mode (Quite Handy!)

if you have ever wondered what Tesla Screen Clean Mode is. Or, perhaps you have wished you could clean your screen more easily in your Model Y or Model S. Then this mode is just for you.

Screen Clean Mode was designed by Tesla to help electric vehicle owners clean their touch screens with ease.

It blackens the screen so that you can more easily see the dirt, oil, and smudges on the screen and clean them with your cloth. It also disables all the buttons on the screen, so that you can clean it without activating anything you didn’t mean to.v

How To Enable Screen Clean Mode

It’s quite simple to enable Screen Clean Mode, all you have to do is:

  • Tap on Controls
  • Select Display
  • Tap on Screen Clean Mode

To leave Screen Clean Mode, just tap and hold the button labeled: HOLD TO EXIT.

What Should You Clean Your Screen With?

Tesla recommends cleaning your touch screen with a soft lint-free cloth and not to use a static-free cloth or wet wipe.

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