Elon Musk’s Kids: Meet His 8 Kids & Their Mothers

Most people are curious about the children of celebrities. Do they look like their parents or perhaps share the same talents? The rich and famous tend to keep the spotlight off their offspring most likely because of a fear of kidnapping and the “crime of the century” that happened in 1942 when the Lindberg baby, … Read more

How to Precondition A Tesla Battery

Just like how your old gas-powered engine ran better warm, so too does a Tesla. But in this case, things are a little different. Preconditioning is something you need to be aware of in order to make the most of your new Tesla vehicle and the following are the most common questions on this topic. … Read more

How To Adjust The Model Y Headrests

If you have a Tesla Model Y and are struggling to figure out how to adjust the headrests, this is the post for you. Starting at the front of the vehicle, and working our way to the back, let’s take a look at how to adjust all the headrests. Front Seat Headrests Unfortunately, the front … Read more

Model Y & Model 3 Acceleration Boost

Tesla offers some amazing features on all of its vehicles, many of which can be unlocked with a simple software upgrade. One such feature is Tesla’s Acceleration Boost! But what exactly is it? Tesla’s Acceleration Boost for Model Y and Model 3 is a software upgrade that increases the acceleration of the Model Y Long … Read more

Tesla OBD – What Are The Options?

If you know anything about cars and electronics then you might be wondering if Tesla has OBD (On-board Diagnostic)? After all, access to the OBD port gives you a lot of data about the car and enables you to learn, diagnose and fix things that you otherwise would have no chance with. Interestingly, OBD became … Read more

Do Electric Cars Have Catalytic Converters?

If you know much about internal combustion engine vehicles, then you know they all come fitted with a catalytic converter. They have been a mandatory part of cars since 1975 when they first appeared as a must have on American vehicles. Why Do Cars Have Catalytic Converters? A catalytic converter placed under a vehicle in … Read more

Does Tesla Use Google Maps?

tesla maps and navigation

If you have ever used the Tesla navigation system and trip planner, you probably recognise the maps and have wondered if Tesla really uses Google Maps? The short answer is yes. Tesla uses Google Maps for the display of the maps on the screen for navigation. However, the actual navigation comes from outside suppliers. Which … Read more

Fisker Ocean California Mode

As we all probably know by now, every Tesla comes with a whole bunch of modes, most of which are made possible by software and software updates. This includes loads of famous modes in a Tesla such as: Dog Mode, Car Wash Mode, Valet Mode, Sentry Mode, and many many more. Tesla competitors like Fisker … Read more

GM Ultium Battery Platform

GM has chosen to go all-in when it comes to electric vehicles and to support this ambitious plan they are basing all their new vehicles on the Ultium Battery Platform. Taking a play out of Tesla’s vertical integration strategy, GM is trying to reduce costs, in-source engineering and create an EV platform that is sustainable … Read more

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