What Is Tesla Jack Mode?


Have you ever noticed that mode on your Tesla Model S or Model X called Jack Mode? Or maybe you just want to change your flat tire and you could not figure out how to turn on or turn off Jack Mode? Tesla Jack Mode is a mode that turns off the air suspension system … Read more

Can You Update A Tesla Without Wifi?

tesla update with wifi

Wondering if you can update your Tesla without access to wifi? Ever been notified on the Tesla App that you have a Tesla software update? In general, you need wifi access to perform any Over The Air Tesla software updates. This is because the updates are often large and can take time to download. Most … Read more

Can You Charge a Tesla in the Rain?

tesla charging station

You probably need to charge your Tesla at home every day, and sometimes on longer trips, you will pop into a supercharger for a bigger top-up! Unfortunately, unless you live in California, it is not always sunny when you charge your electric vehicle. So, you are probably wondering if you can charge your electric car … Read more

Can You Jump Start A Tesla?

tesla model 3

If you find yourself with a flat battery on your Tesla, you are no doubt annoyed! The big question is though, can you jump start your Tesla just like a normal car? Yes, you can jump start your Tesla. Because it has a 12V battery under the hood just like any other car. However, keep … Read more

How to Open Tesla Glovebox

Tesla Glovebox Open

The glove box on all Tesla models is located on the passenger side of all Tesla vehicles as you would expect. However, there is no handle or button on the front to open it. Except on the Model S, of course! (More on that below). In order to open the glove box on any model … Read more

What Is Tesla Valet Mode?

Tesla’s Valet Mode is a security mode you use to limit access to functionality within your Tesla model 3, Model Y or other Tesla vehicle when giving it to a Valet service. It was created after a valet driver at San Antonio’s La Cantera Resort notoriously took a Model S for a high-speed test drive. … Read more

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