Tesla Odometer – Model 3 & Model Y

Unlike a lot of other cars, it is a bit of a challenge to find the odometer on a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y.

The Model S and X actually have a separate screen in front of the steering wheel with an instrument cluster, however, the Model 3 and Y do not.

So, in this quick post, I want to show you two different ways to find your current mileage on the Model 3 or Y electric vehicles.

Odometer on the Tesla App

The fastest way to get the current mileage on the odometer on your Tesla vehicle is via the Tesla App.

Simply open the App and scroll all the way to the bottom.

This includes the current version of the app along with a bunch of general vehicle information such as:

tesla odometer on app
Tesla Odometer on App

Odometer & Trip Meter On The Main Screen

Although it may not seem obvious, you can actually access the Tesla odometer for your Model Y or Model 3 via the main touch screen.

If you swipe left on the car icon, you will reach the trip computer and odometer.

tesla odometer on screen model 3
Tesla Odometer

Note: Which direction to swipe depends on the software version, so just try both if you can’t find it

The odometer reading is actually last in the last, so scroll down to get to it. One of the Trips will also have the total mileage in it unless you have reset it. The other you will probably want to use for your current trip.

The order of trip computers in the list is:

  • Trip 1
  • Trip 2
  • Distance since car was last started
  • Distance since last charge
  • Odometer
Trip Computers Tesla Model 3
Trip Computers on the Model 3

You can see the odometer and trip computers in action in this video

1 thought on “Tesla Odometer – Model 3 & Model Y”

  1. An easier way to access the odometer function is not mentioned in this series of posts. Only a very awkward way is mentioned. It is easier to use voice commands.

    Press the right hand scroll when then clearly say, “odometer”. If it understands you, the odometer function will be displayed. If it does not understand you, try again.

    When you intone a voice command, on the bottom left of the screen will be displayed what it thinks you said. For example, if you say, “fold mirrors”, it may display “old mirrors” followed by “command not understood”. I cannot get it to understand the “f” sound, so I say “close mirrors” which works for me. “Open mirrors” also works. You can also say, “open glove box”, “open cubby [British for glove box]”, “lock doors”, “tire pressure”, “brighten screen”, “open trunk”, “open frunk”, “temperature 71 degrees”, “seat heat on”, etc. etc. If you think of a command which should be available, try it and see whether it works.


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