Nissan Propilot vs Tesla Autopilot

New versions of Autopilot from various manufacturers are appearing all the time. And one of the latest offerings is from Nissan.

Nissan Propilot Assist is a version of Autopilot of Advanced Driver Assistance that adds a new level of safety to driving by helping you avoid accidents.

Comparison of Nissan Propilot Assist & Tesla Autopilot

Nissan Propilot is only designed to be used as a simple speed, braking and steering control within a single lane. In comparison, Tesla Autopilot is far more autonomous offering lane changes, entry and exit of highways and navigation on autopilot.

Let’s take a deeper look at the differences

Nissan Propilot Assist Features

The Nissan Propilot has the most basic of single-lane driver assistance which includes:

  • Accleration
  • Braking
  • Lane keeping

Sensors: Front radar and camera

So, in essence, you can use this feature on either a single lane of a highway or a long section of road. This helps reduce the stress on long drives a lot.

Nissan ProPilot Assist 2 Features

Nissan ProPilot Assist 2 uses Intel’s Mobile Eye technology and is far more comparable to Tesla Autopilot in that it can also do:

  • lane changes
  • entry and exit of highways
  • navigate from point to point.

Be aware though, that because it uses 3D high definition map data to help navigate, there are limitations on where it can be used.

Currently, in the USA, it appears that this system is only available from 2021 in the Ariya.

The one bonus of this system though is that we have learned that it is likely to be a lot cheaper than Tesla Autopilot.

Sensors: 7 cameras, 5 radar sensors and 12 sonar sensors

Tesla Autopilot Features

Tesla Autopilot is a level above Nissan Propilot offering:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control – speed/braking adaption
  • Lane Centering – Tesla’s Autosteer works extremely well on highways and even on other roads
  • Lane Changing – the car will change lanes when slower vehicles are ahead, working confidently on a variety of roads
  • Navigate on Autopilot – you can set a destination and your Tesla will work well on highways, entering and exiting, and many large side roads.

Sensors: 8 cameras (Radar in older models – pre-June/July 2021)

If you want your electric vehicle to do more than just offer the most simple Autopilot, Tesla is the option to go for.

Tesla is also moving ahead with their Full Self Driving which is another option you can buy when you purchase the vehicle. It is still quite away from full capabilities and it is currently in Beta. However, if you purchase it you will get access to either the Beta if your driving safety score is good, or you can wait until full release which might be some years off. There is also a subscription service so you can just opt in when you like.

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