Tesla Model S – Panoramic Sunroof

Tesla added the option for the Panoramic Sunroof on the Model S back in 2012. This sunroof uses two pieces of glass. One that stays in place at the rear, and one that lifts and slides back at the front.

When the Panoramic Sunroof opens on your Model S there is also a windbreaker at the front to help reduce drag. An important aspect of all electric vehicles, were every lost bit of energy counts!

You can see the Model S Panoramic Roof in action in the video below…

Opening & Closing The Panoramic Sunroof

The design of the sunroof on the Model S is quite intuitive and can easily be controlled from the screen.

There are two main ways of controlling it:

  1. Tapping Open to open to the ideal 75%, or twice to fully open
  2. Dragging the sunroof down or up as a slider to move it to your ideal position

You can use a variation of either, of course.

Once the sunroof is open, there is also a Close button you can use to close it.

A Vent option is also available to open it just a little to allow air in which helps with cooling the vehicle on hot days.

Note: Most Model Ss also have the ability to control the movement of the sunroof via the right-hand scroll wheel on the steering wheel. Give it a shot!

Panoramic Sunroof or Fixed Glass Roof

Tesla modified the design of the Model S after 2018 to allow for a fixed glass roof, which many consider to be the ultimate panoramic roof. Not a sunroof, but more of a fixed version of one.

This is something you will see in all Teslas since then with the Model 3 and Model Y having panoramic roofs that allow you to see far more of what is going on above and around you.

No other Tesla has ever had a Panoramic Sunroof option though!

Panoramic Sunroof Disadvantages

The disadvantages of a panoramic sunroof on the Model S are

  • Less reliability issues (some Model Ss had leaks and failed motors on the sunroof)
  • More space about your head (the mechanism and rails take more space)
  • Compared to a closed roof it is a lot hot in the direct sun

Panoramic Sunroof & Fixed Roof Details

The following are details on the Panoramic Roof:

Option Code: RFP2

Availability: 2012 to Late 2018

Price: Varied from $1500 – 2000

price increased with the introduction of the fixed glass roof.

Details for the Fixed Roof:

Availability: November 2016

Cost: $1500

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