Tesla Model 3 Sales Figures

The Tesla Model 3 has been on sale since Musk stated “production hell” began back in 2017.

But Tesla got back on track and Model 3 sales have been skyrocketing ever since. And with the addition of the Shanghai factory in China, things have improved even more.

The big question you might be wondering though is how many Model 3s have been sold by Tesla?

Well, let’s break it down by year and some countries. And see what the total Model 3 sales really are.

How Many Model 3s Were Sold in 2020?

Tesla sold a total of 439,760 Model 3s in 2020.

How Many Model 3s Were Sold in the US in 2020?

In the USA, there were 206,500 Model 3s sold in 2020.

Compare that to 2019 when they sold 161,100 Model 3s. So this was an increase of around 25%.

How Many Model 3s Were Sold in China in 2020?

The Model 3 has been produced in the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory since early 2020. This lead to a sharp increase in Model 3 sales in 2020.

A total of 135.449 Model 3s were sold in 2020.

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