Model 3 Roof Racks & Cargo Boxes

Everyone wants to carry more. Maybe you are going on vacation with your Model 3, or maybe you just want to add a cargo box or surfboard on top of your electric car.

Either way, you will want to be adding a roof rack to your Tesla right away. And then maybe consider some special additions like a rooftop box.

So, what are your options for roof racks and cargo boxes for your Model 3?

Roof Racks For Model 3

The first thing you need on top of your Model 3 is a roof rack. And with the glass roof that comes with all Tesla vehicles, getting one that fits is challenging.

That is why many just settle for the original Tesla version…

Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack

Tesla Model 3 roof rack
Original Tesla Roof Rack For Model 3

The Model 3 Roof Rack is great because it is designed to be aerodynamic, which is something that is super important for electric car battery range. It is easy to install and blends in seamlessly to the roof, because Tesla makes it!

Their aluminum roof bars have generic T-slots so that you can mount almost anything from bike racks, ski racks and all sorts of cargo boxes. It has a 150lbs capacity and the powdered Aluminum means it is stylish to boot!


KPGDG Lockable Roof Racks For Model 3

KPGDG roof racks for model 3

If you want something a little cheaper than the Tesla Roof Rack then this is a great option from KPGDG. They are lockable and made from Aluminum with a 150lbs (68kg) capacity


Cargo Boxes For Model 3

With your roof rack attached to your Model 3, now it is time to see what you want to put on top in terms of cargo boxes.

There are dozens or options of courses, but the following are some tried and true options for Teslas from manufacturers you can trust.

Thule Vector Medium Cargo Box

Thule Vector Rooftop Cargo Box For Model Y

Thule is probably the biggest name in the world for gear to carry stuff on your car or truck. Or in this case, your Tesla Model 3!

And their roof top boxes are great

The Thule Vector Cargo Box is a relatively streamlined option that will help with aerodynamics.

It is a huge cargo box measuring 35 x 12.5 x 9 inches with 13 cubic feet of storage. So, there is plenty off room for that extra luggage or gear for a ski trip (boards or skis). Additionally, they have added a slide-lock system that is is simple and smart. As you would expect from Thule in my experience.


Thule Canyon XT Cargo Basket

Thule Cargo Basket for Tesla Model Y
Thule Canyon XT Cargo Basket

If you want more flexibility on your roof rack, then a cargo basket is a useful addition. The Thule Canyon XT cargo basket f is constrained on the sides, with options for tie downs. But, you can add higher items. It measures 41 x 39 x 5 inches inside the basket and can carry up to 150lbs. So enough for most people’s needs.


Thule Motion XT Rooftop Box

Thule Motion XT for Model Y
Thule Motion XT Rooftop Box

The Thule Motion XT is another classic roof top cargo box with 16 cubic inches or 18 cubic inches capactiy, so take your pick. The smaller one measures 77 x 36 x 17 inches, with a capacity of 165 lbs. Which should be enough for most of you Model 3 owners. It is also reasonably aerodynamic, for a cargo box.


Yakima Grand Tour Cargo Box

Yakima Rooftop cargo box for Model Y
Yakima Grand Tour Cargo Box

The Grand Tour from Yakima, another trustworthy roof rack and cargo box company, offers a big capacity like Thule with 18 or 16 cubic inches. They are also reasonably low profile to help with your Tesla’s range.


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