Is Tesla Roadside Assistance Free?

Tesla Roadside Assistance is a great service to have when things go wrong.

From a simple lockout or flat tire to an issue with the vehicle under warranty, Tesla has your back with their Roadside Assitance service.

However, many people often wonder whether they have to pay anything for Tesla Roadside Assistance? Here is the answer:

Tesla Roadside Assistance is provided for free for new vehicles under warranty and with extended service agreements.

In order to be 100% sure if you have Tesla Roadside Assistance you should check your paperwork when you buy your Tesla or ask the selling agent or service center for more detailed information.

What Is Covered By Tesla Roadside Assistance?

There are three basic things that are covered by Tesla Roadside Assistance:

  • Towing due to any failure covered under your Tesla warranty
  • Flat Tires – in markets where it is covered (either a replacement tire, fix or loaner vehicle)
  • Lockouts (via remote opening, lockout opening on-site, towing up to 50 miles)

You should always check with Tesla before assuming your issue is covered with their Roadside Assistance as there are quite a few exceptions.

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