How To Turn Off A Tesla

If you have never owned an electric vehicle or a Tesla before, you might be wondering how you turn your Tesla off.

The following are the main ways you can turn off your Tesla.

Walk Away / Leave Your Vehicle

There is no specific “off button” for your Tesla. Whether it’s a Model 3, Model Y, Model S or Model X.

You simply have to put the Tesla in park, leave your vehicle and walk far enough away. The vehicle is always checking for a “key” inside or in close proximity. So, this also means no one can remain in the vehicle.

  • The car will lock
  • The screen will turn off
  • The HVAC (heating / ventilation) system will shut down

This is in essence, turning your Tesla off.

Moving Into A Deeper Sleep

The Tesla model will then move into an even deeper sleep 15 minutes later. This involves powering down other electronics and trying to use as little battery as possible.

Of course, the electric vehicle will continue to have systems running to enable:

However, if you do use the Tesla App after the car is in this deeper sleep you will see that it first has to awaken from this sleep mode.

Power Off Button

Sometimes, you need to force your Tesla vehicle to power down even further. Given that it is the iPhone of the car world, this probably won’t be a surprise to you.

Some software glitches, entertainment system / screen issues and other things that perhaps the Tesla Service Center will advise you on could need to have their power removed.

This is where the Power Off option comes into play.

How do you power off your Tesla?

Here are the steps you need to take on the screen:

  • Go to the Controls Menu
  • Then Safety & Security
  • Tap on the Power Off button 
  • Confirm Power Off
Tesla Power Off Button
Power Off Button
Tesla Power Off Confirmation
Power Off Confirmation

You can see this process in the following video on power off in a Model 3.

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