How to Track Tesla Delivery

You’ve placed your order for a new Model Y or Model 3? Or maybe you have a huge chunk of cash lying around and you have ordered a Plaid Model S! Congrats.

Now, you might be wondering how to track your Tesla delivery. Or simply figure out your Tesla order status.

Tracking Your Tesla Delivery

Everything centers around your Tesla Account. That is the email address and password you used to order your new Tesla vehicle.

First, I recommend you login into your Tesla Account regularly as you may need to update something or help push the Tesla order along. It depends on your order type, but it could be such things as:

  • Your Contact Details
  • Preferred Delivery Location
  • Payment method
  • Registration Documents and address
  • Your Driver’s License

Be aware, home delivery is often an option.

Tesla VIN Assignment

As your vehicle gets closer to production, they will assign your Tesla order a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). This means they have decided more or less where/when it will be produced in the future.

Your Tesla Account will be updated with the VIN once this stage has been reached.

Tip: Use our VIN Decoder to understand your Tesla VIN

Finding Your Hidden Tesla VIN

Sometimes your Tesla VIN is actually assigned but you have just not yet been informed.

If you want to see if this is the case for you, you can log in to your Tesla account and then go to this link.

Your Tesla Delivery Date

The last step in the process of buying a Tesla is getting the delivery date. This will be sent to you via SMS, email and also show up in your Tesla Account.

If your vehicle is being shipped from overseas, this will obviously be a long time after VIN assignment and actual vehicle production. Depending on where it is being shipped, this could take many many weeks.

You can check out Veda Prime which offers a personalised Tesla Tracking Service, which is currently the only way I know to get more information when your Tesla is shipped.

Tesla Delivery Dates For Australian Orders

Australians have had a harder time getting hold of Teslas, especially the Model Y, so it seems as if people are very keen to get their new car.

Because the Model Ys going to Australia come from Shanghai, China, they must be first manufactured, then driven to the port, put on a ship and then shipped to Australia. Only then will the customer be anywhere near getting their vehicle?

So, a lot of ingenious people have been helping to track boats and give an idea of how long an Australian Tesla order is going to take.

A lot of this involves things like Tesla VINs and ship tracking

There are various places you can go to get more information like:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Track My Tesla Delivery?

You can track your Tesla delivery via the Tesla App to some degree. They will give you far more accurate information once the delivery is closer to the date.

How Long to Get Tesla After VIN Assigned?

Approximately 3-15 days after your VIN is assigned, your vehicle should be delivered within the USA. For other countries, it is more difficult to say as the vehicles are manufactured in different locations.

When do you get a VIN from Tesla?

Tesla typically assigns a VIN around a week before delivery. However, it depends on how far away you are from the factory and where your car is being produced in relation to you.

Other factors may influence delivery times including the time of the quarter, any factory downtimes for maintenance and a whole lot of other random factors.

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