How Often Do You Need to Charge a Tesla?

Ahhhh, charging your Tesla! One of the most confusing things for new Tesla owners.

Don’t sweat it though, charging your Tesla is way easier than going to the gas station every week. And you won’t have to spend much time on it unless you go on a big road trip.

However, many of you might be wondering how often you need to charge your Tesla?

There is actually no specific frequency when charging a Tesla. Instead, you have to keep the battery above the minimum of 20% and typically not above 90%. You can exceed this and go to 100% if you are going on a long road trip.

When Should You Charge Your Tesla Then?

Generally, you should charge your Tesla as often as possible. Keeping the battery between 20 and 90% of charge all the time.

If you have a wall charger at home in your garage or apartment block, then charge every time you get home. Of course, if you want to save money, you can schedule charging for off-peak rates, but plug your electric car in as soon as you get home nonetheless!

This way your car should get enough charge overnight to satisfy your daily commute or the errands that you run each day.

You can also plug in at local businesses if they have a charger or even places with Tesla destination chargers. But don’t worry about it too much if your overnight charging at home is enough to keep you between 20-90% charged all the time.

When Should You Charge To 100%?

Tesla Lithium-ion batteries should not be regularly charged to 100%. However, it is a great idea to do this when you are planning a road trip. This will help you and your car to plan your upcoming trip with the appropriate stops and the minimum waiting time and the best path to get to your destination.

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