Tesla Gigafactory Locations (USA & Worldwide)

Tesla started creating gigafactories many years ago in order to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy. This is after their mission.

The original idea from Elon Musk was to create a factory that was capable of producing Gigawatts of energy storage products. Both stationary batteries and battery cells for their vehicles.

Today, there are five gigafactories around the world with many more on the way.

Tesla Gigafactories in the United States

There are currently three Tesla gigafactories in the United States, as well as their original vehicle production facility in Fremont, California.

Giga Nevada

Giga Nevada is the first and original Tesla Gigafactory that was designed to help Tesla scale its vehicle production. The goal was multiple gigawatts of energy production, and they have certainly achieved that with over 20 Gwatts of energy produced in 2018 alone.

Giga Nevada continues to expand even today, with extra production capacity for lithium iron batteries and products for the whole Tesla range. They have also expanded their lithium suppliers to include recycling from Redwood Materials, run by former Tesla guru, JB Straubel.

This Tesla factory is responsible for the production of electric motors, as well as some Powerwalls and Megapacks. Although there is a newer and larger Megapack factory being built today.

Giga New York (Gigafactory 2)

The second gigafactory from Tesla is located in Buffalo, New York. Unlike the other USA factories, Gigafactory 2 is designed to create storage-related products such as the Powerwall, solar panels and the more recent Solar Roof. They have been expanding significantly in recent years now that Tesla has more battery capacity available.

Giga Texas

Giga Texas
Giga Texas

The newest of Tesla’s factories in the USA is the Austin Texas gigafactory. Construction of the building is now more or less complete and Tesla is in the process of ramping production of the Model Y to full scale. They are already delivering the newer structural battery pack vehicles with the 4680 in them.

This is also the location where Tesla will be producing the Cybertruck in 2023.

Fremont Factory

Although it is not technically a Gigafactory, the Fremont factory is Tesla’s first and perhaps most important factory. It was bought from Toyota back in 2010 when things were not going so well in the industry. It had been used in a joint venture between General Motors and Toyota.

This was the location of Tesla’s first model – the Roadster. Today it is responsible for the production lines of many electric vehicles including the Model S and Model X, as well as Model Y and Model 3. Tesla has also trialed a number of new technologies in this Tesla factory including the giga castings and created a nearby 4680 line at Kato Road.

Other Tesla Gigafactories

In order to expand beyond the United States and reduce shipping and logistics costs, Tesla also has factories overseas.

Giga Shanghai

Giga Shanghai was the first of Tesla’s overseas gigafactories. It was the fastest to create and is now the biggest producer with a production capacity of around 1 million vehicles per year.

Giga Shanghai produces both the Model 3 and Model Y Tesla vehicles for sale in China. This factory is also used as a huge export hub with both left and right-hand vehicles being sold around the world.

Giga Berlin

CEO, Elon Musk took aim at the European auto industry with his creation of Giga Berlin in the outskirts of the city. It was quite a feat to get this factory up and running so fast. Especially considering there was so much resistance from local environmental groups.

Despite this, Giga Berlin opened on March 22, 2022 and is now ramping up local production of the Tesla Model Y for sale in Europe. Once this line reaches full capacity, they are likely to move on to a smaller electric vehicle for sale in the local market.

Future Tesla Gigafactories

There is always a lot of speculation about future Tesla factory locations. So, we can never be 100% sure where they will be.

However, as of the time of writing in late 2022, there are a few rumors that appear to becoming more concrete.

First, Tesla has been in a lot of talks with the Canadian government regarding electric vehicles and electrification. This could also be in relation to mining, but there is a possibility of a Gigafactory in Ontario, Canada.

Previously, there were also rumors back in 2021 of a gigafactory in the UK, however, it seems this is no longer on the cards.

Mexico is another location that could be getting a gigafactory. And why not? It is close to the USA and offers cheaper production facilities than there.

So, we have no exact confirmation from Tesla on the next Gigafactory location. However, Musk has hinted that we may know by the end of 2022!

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