Fisker Ocean California Mode

As we all probably know by now, every Tesla comes with a whole bunch of modes, most of which are made possible by software and software updates.

This includes loads of famous modes in a Tesla such as: Dog Mode, Car Wash Mode, Valet Mode, Sentry Mode, and many many more.

Tesla competitors like Fisker have jumped on this opportunity and added a whole swathe of features on their upcoming Fisker Ocean SUV. And, some of them are also very cool and loads of fun.

What Is The Fisker Ocean California Mode?

Fisker Ocean California Mode – Rear Tailgate window opened

Fisker has added a cool new mode to their Ocean SUV called the California Mode. This mode simultaneously lowers all windows, front, back, and rear liftgate, as well as opening the Sky roof if fitted.

The idea is that anyone living in a sunny place like California, who often has kids or a dog in the back, and needs to throw gear in the rear will appreciate such a feature.

Note: Only the Ultra mid-trim has the movable Sky roof.

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