Tesla Energy Saving Mode

If you are planning on leaving your Tesla parked somewhere for a prolonged period then you will want to put it into Energy Saving Mode. Which is different from just turning off your Tesla.

Later model Teslas no longer have a specific button for this, however all older Teslas do.

This mode helps to reduce the power consumption of your Tesla to help conserve your battery. Depending on how many of the tips below your carry out, you can lose as little as 1 mile per day while parked, or sometimes a lot more (5 miles +). So it pays to enable energy saving mode and disable a lot of other battery consuming functions.

How To Enable Energy Saving Mode

Enabling Energy Saving mode is quite simple. Just do the following:

  1. Tap on Controls
  2. Select Display
  3. Tap on Energy Saving

What Does Energy Saving Mode Do?

Energy Saving mode helps your Tesla vehicle to save power when not in use for a long period by reducing the power used by the displays.

How To Conserve Your Battery While Parking For Long Periods

If you want to reduce the power consumed when parking for long periods you should do the following:

  • Turn off Sentry Mode
  • Turn off Summon
  • Turn off Smart Conditioning
  • Disable passive entry function
  • Unplug any USB Devices or 12V connectors
  • Reduce use of the Tesla App
  • Turn off bluetooth on your phone

It also makes sense to have your Tesla charged to 90% before leaving it parked for weeks on end.

Also keep in mind that Tesla will enter an even more stringent energy saving mode if the battery gets below 20%, but you should try to never get to that point as it is bad for the battery.

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