Elon Musk’s Kids: Meet His 8 Kids & Their Mothers

Most people are curious about the children of celebrities. Do they look like their parents or perhaps share the same talents? The rich and famous tend to keep the spotlight off their offspring most likely because of a fear of kidnapping and the “crime of the century” that happened in 1942 when the Lindberg baby, the son of famous American aviator Charles Lindberg disappeared from his crib. 

We can garner a little information from celebrity news about someone with plenty of ransom money. Elon Musk, the world’s richest man with a fortune of $212 billion is the father of eight children from different wives and girlfriends. His first child was born in 2002, and his most recent child entered the world as recently as 2021.

Spoiler alert: Two of Elon Musk’s kids are named after Tesla models. 

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last decade, Elon Musk is a highly-successful investor, entrepreneur, and business magnate. He’s the CEO and Project Architect of Telsa, Inc., the company that produces the popular Tesla electric vehicle models.

He’s also the founder of the Boring Company, an American infrastructure and tunnel construction company with ongoing projects for intra-city underground transit systems. Finally, he’s also the founder,  CEO, and Chief Engineer at SpaceX, an American aerospace manufacturer that is revolutionizing space travel.

Nevada Alexander Musk

Elon’s first wife was Canadian author Justine Wilson. She and Elon met while they were both students at Queen’s University, a public research university in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The couple married in 2000. 

Justine is the author of the modern fantasy novel BloodAngel and a YA novel called Lord of Bones, a sequel to BloodAngel.  She was a pioneer in using a platform like Pinterest to lay out a novel. 

Elon’s first child, Nevada Alexander Musk was born to the couple in 2002.  But tragedy struck at the age of 10 weeks when the baby boy passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a mysterious condition that causes death in a newborn for no obvious cause. 

Griffin and Xavier Musk

Twin sons Griffin and Xavier came along to Elon and Justine in 2004 by in vitro fertilization.

Damian, Kai, and Saxon Musk

Triplets Damian, Kai, and Saxon were born in 2006 also via IVF. The couple divorced in 2008. Both had equal custody of the five children. 

In 2010, Elon married actress Tallulah Riley. They divorced in 2012, remarried again the next year, and divorced again in 2014. The couple had no children.

X A-12 Musk

Elon Musk and Son X AE A-Xii | Credit to people.com

In 2018, Elon started dating Claire Elise Boucher, popularly known as Grimes,  a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Her music has elements of dream pop, R&B, and electronic with science fiction and feminist themes. Her credits include five studio albums. 

Grimes gave birth to a baby boy in 2020. He was given the name X A-12, nicknamed X.   Due to work commitments and responsibilities, the relationship was on again and off again. In December of 2021, Elon claimed that he was single in an interview with TimeMagazine.

Exa Dark Siderl Musk

Both Elon and Grimes claim they maintain a good relationship as friends. Daughter Exa Dark Siderl Musk, nicknamed Y, was delivered to the couple via surrogate in December of 2021.

The Future Musks

Elon Musk’s children are schooled at Ad Astra, a private institution Elon founded himself in 2014. Ad Astra is Latin for “to the stars.”  He was unhappy with the school his children attended and founded the school for them and the children of SpaceX employees. The school focuses on ability grouping rather than age grouping and helps students succeed through self-discovery and First Principles thinking for problem-solving. What is a rocket made of, not what is the cost? 

It will be interesting to see what talents the Musk children develop as they grow into adulthood. With artistic and scientific talents in the gene pool,  lots of possibilities exist. Maybe one of them will invent the first teleporter. 

“Beam me up, Scottie.”

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